It’s Like Christmas!!!

More toys came in from the Grant we got. The kids in care got to help pick out what we got. This is so exciting!


Art Supplies are in!!

They are here!! Wooo Hoooo!!!

Being Dedicated to the kids well rounded development I had my program evaluated and it received a 6 out of 7 for learning environment.

In which I was so excited to know I had most of the things needed for each area of development a child in my car needs.

I was also given a $500 grant where the women who evaluated my program sat down and we looked over the item we thought I needed she then went back and purchased what seemed needed.

The first shipment made it here and  part of that grant bought us gallons of paint!! I Love to paint and so do kids this is going to be soooo fun!!!

Just need to find some old smocks or old shirts now!! 🙂